• Orthodontic care with the lingual braces results in faster treatment times, shorter appointments, and amazing results!
  • Due to precision in technology and robotically formed arch wires, lingual braces offer superior results without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.
  • Proprietary CAD/CAM technology ensures highly accurate treatment of all orthodontic cases, regardless of severity.
  • Small, smooth brackets are designed to help you adapt quickly to your orthodontic treatment. Plus, the seamless low profile of each bracket makes brushing and flossing easier than with traditional braces.
  • Self-ligating (tieless) brackets give Dr. Cope precise control over tooth movement and provide a more comfortable overall experience for you.

Here at Cope Orthodontics we pride ourselves on being pioneers in providing this newest technology to our patients. Dr. Cope has been invited to teach other orthodontists worldwide about his expert approach to lingual braces.

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