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A gummy smile is one in which too much gum tissue is visible when a person smiles. While this is highly subjective, the most appropriate amount of gum tissue to show in a full smile is about 1-2 mm. In other words, your teeth should occupy about 90% of your smile and gum tissue should only occupy about 10% of your smile.


Several different things can cause gummy smiles. The most common cause is simply excess gum tissue around the necks of the teeth in either children or adults. This is easy to resolve by removing the excess tissue with a soft tissue laser. Another cause is vertical overgrowth of the upper jaw.


This can either be treated by intruding the entire upper arch with TADs, or by moving the upper jaw surgically. Finally, a gummy smile can be the result of long-term wear of the upper teeth, such that the teeth supererupt bringing the gum tissue with them. This can be effectively corrected with braces and TADs.


The EZLase™ is a diode laser system that was developed to recontour soft tissues without the cost and invasiveness of traditional periodontal surgery. EZLase™ procedures are performed using a high strength topical anesthetic to recontour gum tissue on orthodontics patients with gummy smiles (gingivectomy), level uneven gingival margins (gingivoplasty), or remove heavy muscular attachments (frenectomy). It also excels at treating cold sores by greatly reducing the amount of discomfort and time required to heal.
In addition, the EZLase™ has been FDA approved for temporary relief of stiffness and minor muscle and joint pain around the jaw. It also offers fast and easy teeth whitening in only 20 minutes! We use this technology because is quick, painless, and doesn’t require a referral to another specialist.
Do you have gummy smile, or uneven gingival margins? Call 214-378-5555 now or click to make an appointment today with the highly qualified Dallas, Texas orthodontist, Dr. Jason B. Cope at Cope Orthodontics in University Park’s Snider Plaza.


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Dr. James Noble, Orthodontist

Dr. Cope is a world renowned leader in the orthodontic field. A very focused, detailed, friendly, honest, caring and consummate profession who will provide you with an amazing smile and you will have fun and love the process!
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KC Dyer

Can’t say enough good things. Great doctor and great staff! Love this office.
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Ashley Dugas, Patient, Patient’s Mom & Patient’s Spouse

It’s official!!!! Dr. Cope has now worked on every mouth in our household!! He’s a professional perfectionist!! He creates not only beautiful smiles but healthy bites and a lifetime of overall wellness with your jaw and facial structure in mind. This is not your typical mass production orthodontic office! Be prepared for personalized attention and professionalism at every visit. Cope Orthodontics doesn’t disappoint!!!
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Isabel O’Neill, Patient

Dr. Cope is a very talented orthodontist and amazing person to match. He is always on time and listens to what you want. I did not lose my first tooth until very late and experienced other complications along the way that he helped me solve quickly and efficiently. I only had braces for one year (which was much less than most of my friends) and I cannot thank him enough. I am now in my 20s and still get compliments on my smile. It is all thanks to Dr. Cope and his spectacular experience. He will jump through hoops to help any of his patients.
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Dade Horton, Patient

Cope Orthodontics was such an amazing experience for me. I was an adult as an orthodontic patient If you are looking for an excellent orthodontist Dr. Cope is the best!
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Jen Bothwell, Patient

Cope Orthodontics was such an amazing experience for me. I was an adult as an orthodontic patient and Jason and his staff were phenomenal. His precise attention to detail never seizes to amaze me. He is a trend setter who still possesses old school sweet southern bedside manner.

Connie O’Neill

I have had four children as patients of Dr. Cope. All four had different issues and he was outstanding! He is brilliant and progressive in his practice while still being careful and thoughtful. I would recommend him to anyone!! All of my children loved him. He is always on time and meticulous.
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Dr. Ryan Wiesemann, Orthodontist

Highly Recommend Cope Orthodontics. Great place and team to get the smile you've always wanted!!!!

Renee McAlpine, Dental Hygienist & Patient’s mom

Dr. Cope has done a fantastic job with both my kids!! He is always courteous and kind at the appointments and runs on time! Shannon is great with my crazy schedule to find a time that works for all of us. You can't find a better place to have your orthodontics completed.
Dr. Lemke

Dr. Katia Lemke, Orthodontist

Wonderful and knowledgeable doctor who truly cares about his patients. The staff is also caring and experienced. I highly recommend Dr. Cope!!!
Dr. Rahimi

Dr. Hessam Rahimi, Orthodontist

Dr Cope is a scholar and true leader in Orthodontics. Great office, professional staff, Strongly recommend them.
oral surgeon dr wallace

Dr. John Wallace, Oral Surgeon.

Jason is the orthodontist you go see when you want things done right.
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