Supererupted Teeth Treatment


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Supererupted Tooth Causes and Treatment for Adults and Children

Supererupted teeth are the result of premature loss of opposing teeth. This most frequently occurs when a lower back tooth is lost, either by trauma or extraction of a decayed tooth. Without an opposing tooth, the upper tooth supererupts or “grows” into the space of the missing tooth. This can make it difficult to bite or chew because of the interference of the supererupted tooth.

Correcting this type of problem is difficult with traditional braces. To overcome this limitation, Dr. Jason B. Cope developed the UnitekTM TAD System to effectively treat these problems. By using a TAD in conjunction with braces, the supererupted tooth can be repositioned into its ideal location. Afterwards, your dentist can replace the missing lower tooth leaving you with and ideal bite and smile.

If you have supererupted teeth, call 214-378-5555 now to schedule an appointment with the highly qualified Dallas, Texas orthodontist, Dr. Jason B. Cope at Cope Orthodontics in Highland Park’s Snider Plaza.

Let us show you how braces can treat your supererupted tooth.


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