Crowded Teeth Treatment


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crowded teeth treatment

Crowding Causes and Treatment for Adults and Children

Crowding occurs when there is too little space for the teeth, which results in rotated or overlapping teeth. Malocclusions can be complicated by, or even be the result of, crowded teeth and require additional attention by an orthodontist. Crowding is generally hereditary but can also be the result of poor oral habits such as clenching, grinding, nail biting, or thumb sucking. Crowded teeth can be very difficult to effectively clean leading to an increased risk of decay and gum disease.

Crowded teeth can be effectively corrected with braces. We offer many different options in braces such as clear aligner braces or the new lingual Incognito braces that are positioned behind your teeth for a virtually invisible treatment option.

If you have overcrowded front teeth, call 214-378-5555 now or click to make an appointment today with the highly qualified Dallas, Texas orthodontist, Dr. Jason B. Cope at Cope Orthodontics in Highland Park’s Snider Plaza. We can accurately space, align, and straighten your teeth to give you a beautiful and healthy looking smile.

Let us correct your crowded teeth to improve your smile today!


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